Current Units



We are working on a short unit on time! The students are learning to read an analog clock, and also understand alternate ways to tell time such as:  Quarter-to,  Five-after,  Ten-to....

 Please click below for practice pages!

Quarter time:       Read time       Write time

5-Min intervals:  Read time       Write time

1-Min intervals:   Read time       Write time

Quarter past         Quarter to

Mins past and to



We have finished Winn-Dixie!  The kids all loved the novel and are busy creating a keynote quiz about all the characters from our book!  They also are creating a book report - either a scrap book or a Newberry Medal.  We will be talking about story writing next -focusing on story structure (beginning, middle and end).  I will give the students a chance to write a short story of their own and share it with a small group.



We are learning lots about LIGHT!  There is a lot of NEW VOCABULARY in this unit, so have a look at our newsletter and talk about these words with your kids as much as possible!



Seeing God's bigger picture (Old Testament Stories and how God created his awesome storyline)




We are learning in health about personal safety.  The students are learning about the appropriate use of 911, how to be safe around strangers, and strange animals (dogs), about the dangers of dehydration and about germs- how they spread and how we can keep them out of our body!



In PE we have finished learning the basic volley ball skills and game rules.  The students are now playing team games, working on team play- and passing skills.  We will soon transition to track-and-feild events so we are ready for track day June 16th!



Students have learned to hyperlink to internal slides in Keynote, and then will be using Pages to create their own short story.

Some students are working in a small group called Fast ForWard.  These students are doing brain activating exercises to increase their daily processing times when doing paper and pen tasks, computer tasks, or even just in their daily routine!  These students have been asked to bring a set of headphones that will be returned home in June.




Students are print making!  We are creating trees of life with printing ink on water-colour backgrounds!


Field Trips

There are no more field trips for the year.