Report Cards

The Definitions of Marks as confirmed by the School Administration:


4 - exceeds class expectations

3 - achieves class expectations

2 - approaching class expectations

1 - needs improvement


4 - exceeds class expectations

The student not only fulfills Grade 4 learning outcomes constantly and independently, fully understands what is being taught and works efficiently, but also goes above and beyond in challenging him/herself with extra curricular activities in that subject, such as:

  • LA: writing stories/poems/letters at home, journaling,  expanding vocabulary, researching writing topics, attending competitions
  • Math: choosing challenge activities in class regularly, doing extra homework, checking his work independently, practicing drills at home, inventing Math games, practicing Math drills at home on iPad/computer, coaching and helping other learners in the classroom
  • Science/Social Studies: following further interests in a topic by researching, presenting, making posters, stories, essays, presentations, projects, experiments

3 - achieves class expectations

An independent learner  fulfills Grade 4 learning expectations reliably and independently in the classroom. 

Follows instructions easily, works quietly, makes own assumptions and corrects concepts throughout the learning process, needs assistance once in a while but rather rarely, asks questions right away, shows confidence when handling the matter, understands what is being taught, completes tasks in a reasonable amount of time.


2 - approaching class expectations

Fulfills Grade 4 expectations with substantial support from class teacher, educational assistant and/or resource teacher.

Follows instructions hesitantly, needs reassurance and support throughout the learning process, needs more time to complete tasks, partly understands what is being taught.


1 - needs improvement

Grade 4 student does not meet learning expectations, despite substantial support from class teacher, educational assistant and/or resource teacher. Needs adult support to follow instructions. Needs significant amount of repetition, adaption and reassurance, falls behind regularly without catching up at home.





Every student is going to make a self-assessment in class, talking to the class teacher about his/her achievements this term, things we agree or disagree on and why.

We'll also set some learning goals for next term :-)

About Us

Class Goals and Class Council

Each week we start with setting a class goal and go over the most important events of the week. Reminders are being written on the students' reminder board and class jobs are being switched. We might repeat the responsibilities of each class job.

Examples for class goals:

- Our cubbies are clean and tidy during the week

- Our homework is done properly and handed in on time

- We treat each other respectfully and solve conflicts reasonably

- We listen to the teacher's instructions

- We raise our hands in class and use our indoor voices

- We are ready for the next class in 3 minutes (clean desk, material ready, sitting quietly and reading a good book)

- We write our name on every paper

- We stick to the rules at recess and behave responsibly


At the end of the week we talk about how well the class did on that goal and give ourselves a number between 1 and 5 (1 being the lowest, 5 highest). After the teachers short feedback, we receive between 1 and 5 dice into our class jar, depending on our efforts during the week. Reaching a certain level in the jar, we get a motivating class reward, such as:

Level 1: Bring a snack to have in class, 15minutes of free time OR singing devotions

Level 2: Go outside for a lesson, 15minutes of free educational computer time OR pick a game in Phys-Ed

Level 3: no homework for a night or two, sit by a friend for a day OR extra DEAR time (DEAR=Drop Everything And Read)
Level 4: game class, Popcorn during a lesson OR movie

Once the jar is full, we start all over again :-)


This helps us to focus on specific things throughout the school year. Right now we are approaching our second level 2 reward.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              :-)  Keep it up, 4 B's! 


Homework Policy

I am trying to keep homework low and make them finish off most things in school, since the children have busy schedules outside of school. However, sometimes students fall behind in class or we run out of time as a class and need to finish something urgently. Also, for certain important drills (like times tables or Addition/Subtraction drills) I would like to "outsource" some of the repetitive trainings, so we have the time in class to focus on social learning and make use of our time with the EA's and class teacher.



There are 2-3 tests a week. Routine tests would be the Spelling and Math Facts Tests on Friday's and the Bible Memory Verse 
on Thursday.
In Science we also like to make quizzes about certain sections of our learning, which should prepare them for the big test at the end of a unit. In Math we do regular drills as well. Generally, a test is announced in the beginning of the week and study notes are being pointed out in class, so the students have a few days to get ready. Sometimes I would give them Pre-Quizzes as homework, that help them study for a test as well. Oftentimes, they are very similar to the quiz/test itself.


Notices and "Home and School Communication"

The daily agenda is best to leave short notes or questions in. In the front pouch you should find your child's notices for the day. Sometimes an email makes more sense or maybe a phone call to the office which can be transferred to the teacher. Of course you can always ask me for a meeting after school by email, if it's a delicate matter or if you would want to see some work of your child and a feedback about current progress.

I try to answer emails on the same day and preferably during the week. I might not respond to an email during weekends, if it is not a pressing matter. My husband appreciates your understanding ;-)



I am glad so many parents have frequently visited this website. I hope it is a helpful tool for our communication and also to just enjoy some updates and photo impressions from our class :-)