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Multiplication Drill Games here

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Journaling at Home

Some of our students are struggling putting their thoughts into words and therefore set themselves the goal to journal at home. This will help them building a routine and finding their own voice as a writer. They should not focus on their spelling too much, so as to not block their creativity and flow. 
If you would like to support your child with this, you can download these journal ideas (see below), print them off and keep it at a safe place for your child to work on. It can pick a topic and write for about 10-15 minutes per entry (3-5 entries a week are helpful). It can be anything, don't overthink it. It's not supposed to be a thought through essay but a journal entry, which means scribbling thoughts on a piece of paper. 

journal ideas.pdf
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Multiplication Drill Games here

Math Multiplication Drills

Practicing Multiplication Drills at home is vital to the future Math career of a student.
Please make your child practice EVERY DAY! (Either with flashcards or with these drills)
I will send home multiplication drill sheets every Friday for them to practice their weekly times tables at home (see picture A).
They should work through at least one column (15 questions) every day and mark it out of 15, then fill in the result into the sheet

(see picture B). The grey box should have their time in it (how long did it take them to finish these 15 questions).

A good goal is to reach 30 seconds or less for 15 questions.
They can also play math games, using their flash cards, quizzing others or being quizzed by siblings/parents/grandparents or do online games for multiplications on